Monday, March 9, 2015

Maverick County Sheriff's Office (PRESS RELEASE)-March 09, 2015

County units were dispatched to the intersection of FM 2030 and Crane Street Friday evening  after a vehicle caught fire by the side of the roadway. At approximately 11:19 PM, deputies were en route and found a white motor vehicle engulfed in flames. Eagle Pass Fire Department crews were on hand to extinguish the blaze. Deputies were then able to identify the vehicle as a 2015 white Toyota Rav-4. The owner, identified as Elizabeth Rodriguez, was located and stated she had been traveling on FM 2030 nearly an hour earlier when the vehicle's steering wheel locked and was forced to park the vehicle. Ms. Rodriguez had planned to leave the vehicle overnight at the location and return the next morning with her father to pick it up.

After further investigations, Fire Department Arson Investigations concluded the fire stemmed from an electrical shortage the vehicle had underneath its dashboard. The vehicle was towed into town by a local wrecker service. No damages were caused to the residence where the incident occurred.

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