Monday, April 14, 2014

Driver Swerves to Avoid Deer on Highway

Maverick County Sheriff's Office(PRESS RELEASE)-A resident of Eagle Pass, Texas was involved in a motor vehicle accident this morning, as Maverick County deputies were dispatched to the scene on Highway 277, nine miles east of Eagle Pass at approximately 6:59 AM. Deputies arrived to make contact with the driver, identified as 32 year-old Cesar Sierra, who stated he tried to avoid a crossing deer on the roadway when he veered to the right and collided with a guardrail. Eagle Pass EMS was summoned to the location to treat Mr. Sierra, who seemed to be in stable condition with no visible apparent injuries. The Texas Department of Public Safety also was present at the scene and has taken over investigations.

Trailer Involved in Accident Catches Fire

Maverick County Sheriff's Office(PRESS RELEASE)-Deputies were dispatched to US Highway 277 North three miles north of Quemado, Texas on April 12 in reference to a motor vehicle accident. Upon arrival, deputies noticed a semi tractor trailer had struck a light pole and burst into flames. Deputies then observed the driver, a 65 year old male from Del Rio, Texas, by the road with a broken leg and lacerations to his left arm. The Texas Department of Public Safety arrived at the scene of the accident and took over the investigation.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Intoxicated Driver Strikes County Unit

Maverick County Sheriff's Office(PRESS RELEASE)-Maverick County deputies were assisting the Eagle Pass Fire Department with traffic control on El Indio Highway by the Tierra del Sol Subdivision Thursday afternoon when a driver struck a county unit. The outside eastbound lane of El Indio Highway had been closed due to a brush fire and deputies were in the midst of preparing to re-open when a white Dodge Pickup struck unit L11 on the  driver rear area. The driver of the pickup, Martin Villalba Cervantes, lost control after the impact and drove into a property owned by Alamo Concrete. After checking for injuries,  it was noticed that the driver was highly intoxicated. Mr. Villalba Cervantes was arrested on the scene and transferred to the Tom Bowles Detention Center where he was charged with DWI. The Texas Department of Public Safety arrived at the scene of the accident and has taken over investigations.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Forty-Nine Year Old Male takes his Own Life

Maverick County Sheriff's Office (PRESS RELEASE)-Maverick County deputies responded to an unresponsive male on Wildwood Drive by the Pueblo Nuevo Subdivision this Thursday, April 10, at approximately 1:37 PM. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the EMS crew on location, who stated that the male, identified as forty-nine year old Marcos Hernandez, had taken his own life. Justice of the Peace Dora Madera arrived at the scene and pronounced Mr. Hernandez deceased at 2:13 P.M. Judge Madera has ordered an autopsy.

Victim Succumbs to Bee Stings

Maverick County Sheriff's Office(PRESS RELEASE)- Sheriff's deputies responded to a call by North Street in the Seco Mines sector of Maverick County on March 09, 2014 near the 8 P.M. hour in reference to a swarm of bees attacking a male subject. Deputies arrived to the location at approximately 7:48 PM and were immediately waved down by a female who stated that an unknown male subject was laying motionless on the ground, covered in bees. The female was advised to get in the patrol unit and was taken away from the area for safety. Eagle Pass Fire Department and EMS arrived at 1325 North Street and were able to recover the male subject, identified as Enrique Galindo. Mr. Galindo was transported to the emergency room at the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for evaluation and was later pronounced deceased by Justice of the Peace Tere Melendrez.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Drug Seizure in Rosita Valley

Maverick County Sheriff's Office (PRESS RELEASE)-Maverick County Sheriff's Deputies, under the direction of Sheriff Tom Schmerber, conducted a search of a residence in an area off of Rosita Valley Road Tuesday April 08, 2014 at 10:54 AM. Deputies spoke with the property owner, who gave consent to search the property. A blue 2001 Volvo was discovered within the property, in which the owner declined ownership of the vehicle. In plain view were several brown taped bundles, commonly used to wrap narcotics. A thorough search of the vehicle resulted in the seizure of 31 bundles of marijuana, weighing 253 pounds. This case remains under investigation. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Vehicle Rollover Accident on US 277 North

Maverick County Sheriff's Office(PRESS RELEASE)-On Saturday, April 5 near the 4 PM hour, deputies were dispatched to U.S. Highway 277 North, approximately three miles North of Eagle Pass, in reference to a rollover accident. Deputies arrived at the scene and observed a silver Suzuki Reno rolled over inside the South Texas Aggregates property. A deputy made contact with the driver of the vehicle, Barbara Aguirre, who stated that she and her passenger Steven Donald, were travelling northbound en route to Del Rio, Texas when she swerved to avoid hitting a vehicle in front of her, causing her to lose control of her vehicle. Paramedics were on the scene but both Ms. Aguirre and Mr. Donald refused medical attention. The Texas Department of Public Safety arrived on scene and have since taken over the investigation.