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Tom Schmerber - Maverick County Sheriff - Biography

Tom Schmerber, a native of Eagle Pass, has dedicated the majority of his professional life to enhancing the public safety of our community. Born the son of Santiago Schmerber Jr. and Martina Garay Schmerber, Tom is a 1971 graduate of Eagle Pass High School. Upon graduating from Southwest Texas State University in 1974 with a degree in Political Science, Tom chose to return to his hometown to begin his professional career in education.

In 1982, Mr. Schmerber began what would eventually become an illustrious career with the United States Border Patrol. In his 26 years dedicated to the United States Government, Mr. Schmerber served the role of Officer, Instructor of Law at the United States Border Patrol Academy, Field Operations Supervisor, and finally, Watch Commander for the Eagle Pass/Del Rio Sector. These experiences have built the integrity, professionalism, and efficiency that he has instilled in the Maverick County Sheriff's Department.

Sheriff Tom Schmerber is happily married to his wife of thirty-three years, Blanca Medrano Schmerber. Their only child, Blanca Nicole, is currently a student at Eagle Pass High School.

Sul Ross State University - Master's in Education - 1978
Southwest Texas State University - Bachelor's in Political Science - 1974
Eagle Pass High School Graduate - 1971

United States Border Patrol
Homeland Security (2001-2008)
Immigration and Naturalization (1982-2001)

U.S. Border Patrol Academy in Glynco, Georgia
Law Instructor

Field Operation Supervisor
Watch Commander
Eagle Pass/Del Rio Sector

CCWinn High School (2008-2012)
EPISD Teacher (1974-1982)


  1. Sheriff,
    My name is Reese Martin. I currently have a basic peace officer's license PID 208029. I also have a bachelor's degree in criminal justice, a master's degree in criminal justice and a master's degree in homeland security and emergency management. I have seventeen years of law enforcement experience as well. I am interested in a position as a deputy sheriff. Please contact me at 713-543-0760.

  2. Really, you think the National Guard wont help? Well maybe not if they use them like they did in your generation, but if we acgually deploy them right, it would be great.