Thursday, November 19, 2015

Maverick County Sheriff's Office Report for the Month of October 2015

A look at the calls received by the Maverick County Sheriff's Office for the month of October 2015:


Aggravated Assault-6

Aggravated Sexual Assault-2


Burglary of Building-4

Burglary of Habitation-17

Burglary of Vehicle-12

Civil Matter-40

Criminal Mischief-19

Criminal Trespassing-2

Damage to Property-45

Deceased Report-4

Department Information-2

Disorderly Conduct-12

Dog Bite-7

Driving While Intoxicated-3

Evading Arrest-19

Family Violence Assault-31


Hit and Run-3

Identity Theft-7

Information Report-71

Injury to a Child-5

Located Runaway-22

Located Missing Person-3

Lost Item-4

Motor Vehicle Accident-34

Possession of a Controlled Substance-8

Possession of Marijuana < 2 oz.-21

Public Intoxication-11

Reckless Driving-1

Recovered Stolen Vehicle-13


Sexual Assault-4

Terroristic Threats-15


Unauthorized use of a Motor Vehicle-4

Violation of Court Order-15

Wanted Person-18

Total: 554

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