Monday, November 9, 2015

Maverick County Daily Reports-November 04, 2015

Deceased Person-Deputies were dispatched to Old Mines Road this morning, where United States Border Patrol agents had come across skeletal remains in a wooded area. Just of the Peace Melendrez was summoned to the locale and ordered an autopsy on the remains.

Motor Vehicle Accident-County units responded to a motor vehicle accident on US highway 277 East, approximately twenty miles outside of Eagle Pass, Texas. Deputies arrived at the scene and made contact with Antonio Gomez, the driver of the vehicle involved in the rollover accident. Mr. Gomez stated he was driving westbound on US Highway 277 when he ran over a hog, causing him to lose control. The vehicle veered off to the left side of the highway, rolling over and damaging fence line before resting in the brush. EMS crews arrived at the scene and transported Mr. Gomez to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center emergency room for further medical treatment.

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