Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sheriff Schmerber Attends Presentation with Mexican Authorities

Maverick County Sheriff's Office(PRESS RELEASE)-February 12, 2015

Sheriff Tom Schmerber, along with precinct four Commissioner Roberto Ruiz and County Treasurer Rito Valdez, accepted an invitation from Coahuila Governor Ruben Moriera to sit in on a presentation and update on public security given by the state's top law enforcement authorities Wednesday morning.

Leading the informational piece was Secretario de Gobierno Victor Zamora Rodriguez and Coahuila Attorney General Homero Ramos Gloria. Presentation hosts made it a point to explain their efforts in implementing a safer environment in Piedras Negras and throughout the state. Sheriff Schmerber stated that he wanted to create open lines of communication and to facilitate a better understanding of international law enforcement issues that may influence the public safety of the citizens of Maverick County.

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