Friday, September 5, 2014

Maverick County Sheriff's Office(PRESS RELEASE)-September 5, 2014

Deputies responded to a motor vehicle accident in the same vicinity of another recently  occurred accident at the intersection of FM 1021(EL Indio Highway) and Loop 480 this morning, shortly after the 12:00 AM hour. Deputies arrived at the scene to find a 2001 Tan Chevrolet Pick up and a 2013 white Ford Explorer in the middle of the roadway. Contact was initially made with the driver and passenger of the explorer, fifty-two year old Rodolfo Guajardo Pena and Martha Patricia Pena, who stated they were traveling northbound on FM 1021 when traffic slowed to a halt because of an accident on the highway. The Chevrolet pickup, driven by forty-two year old Mario Alonso Bass, then struck the explorer from behind. Mr. Bass said he was also traveling north on FM 1021 and did not notice the stationary vehicle. He attempted to avoid the vehicle but was unable to and struck its rear, causing extensive damage to both vehicles. 

Eagle Pass Fire Department crews were at the scene to provide medical attention. Both Ms. Pena and Mr. Bass refused medical attention at the time, while Mr. Bass was treated at the scene before being transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for further medical attention. 

Deputies noticed a strong odor of alcohol emitting from Mr. Bass, as well as a distinct slur in his speech and blood shot eyes. Mr. Bass then admitted to having consumed several alcoholic beverages prior to the incident. Mr. Bass refused to provide a specimen of his breath and was placed under arrest for Intoxication Assault. Bass was transported to the Tom Bowles Detention Center for processing.

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